machineLOGIC has joined with IT service providers across America to commit to strong economy and job protection values when using stimulus funds. The MSP Stimulus Pledge ( is a collective of peers and competitors in the IT Services industry committing to using government assistance, including PPP funds, as intended: to keep team members employed and keep the economy moving.

"Our leadership team is committed to supporting the business community and our employees as we navigate these challenging times. We want to ensure our clients and our team that we're committed to our core values now more than ever," said Daniel Johnson, CEO of machineLOGIC, a Denver-based managed IT services provider. "The MSP community always goes the extra mile for their clients, and this pledge highlights and reinforces that spirit of service."

The Pledge

The MSP Stimulus Pledge brings regional and national competitors together for the greater good of employees, the industry, and the business community.

The MSP Stimulus Pledge asks organizations to use stimulus funds to commit to:

  • Avoiding layoffs of staff and pay reductions
  • Paying bills on time
  • Providing no increase in owner’s compensation
  • Working as partners with our vendors without demanding concessions simply because we can use the leverage of economic conditions
  • Running our businesses in a manner that creates a strong foundation for our employees and clients into a new future

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Daniel Johnson

Written by Daniel Johnson