Our Approach

Each day, we're seeing escalating precautions and actions being taken by the government, health organizations, and our clients related to COVID-19.

Our team is committed to the well being and health of our employees, our clients, and our
respective businesses.

We regularly deliver our services from remote locations and home offices, so we are confident in our team's ability to support our clients - delivering the same level of service you expect - even if 100% of our staff is working remotely.

We will monitor facts and suggestions from the CDC, local government, and other trustworthy
sources, and take actions that are appropriate and proportional for the scale
of any incidents we encounter.

We are taking and will continue to take common sense precautions, such as limiting exposure to environments where infections may be more likely to spread, such as industry
conferences, and we're temporarily postponing any non-essential travel. Travel
in support of client projects will be discussed and a mutual plan of action
will be agreed upon.

Any team member that is ill or suspects they've been exposed to others with COVID-19 will be asked to remain at home until the appropriate time to rejoin our team.

In the event of a large outbreak in the Denver-metro area, we may ask staff members to work from home and we may reduce our visits to client offices.

We will communicate any such actions clearly to all clients.

Beyond that, we want to ensure our clients are adequately prepared should the need arise for your team to work remotely.

Suggestions for Our Clients

Please reach out to our team and let's have a discussion. Let's assess how you plan to address any issues related to this emerging health concern, the impact it may have on your
business, and how we can help.

Specifically, we can help you with the following key items:

  • Review your remote access, network security, and data backup capabilities
  • Ensure that you have the proper technology, licensing, and training to conduct remote operations
  • Identify your business-critical applications and data and how you plan to access them remotely
  • Assess business-critical workflow and ensure that you have the tools and processes to conduct business
  • Review the work-from-home capabilities of your staff members including the health of their personal devices

The vast majority of
our clients already have many of the tools they need from the Microsoft 365
Business software and hosting solution that we provide. In many cases, we
simply need to enable a few key features and you'll have these capabilities:

  • Cloud file sharing via Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Online collaboration including chat, phone calls, and online meetings via Microsoft Teams
  • Multi-factor authentication for improved security to support trustworthy remote access

Also, please be on guard against phishing and other scams that may entice your employees with information related to COVID-19 and the Corona virus in general. Sadly, we're already seeing reports of fake emails and scams intended to capture credentials and confidential information by leveraging the fear and newsworthiness of this situation.

For more information please refer to our guide on Preparing for Working Remotely.

We're here to help,
and now is the time to prepare. Please contact us and we'll help you make the
right choices for you, your employees, and your business.

Daniel Johnson

Written by Daniel Johnson