Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that they will be extending the grace period for customers transitioning to the New Commerce Experience, in effect, delaying price increases until March 14th.

This provides customers with an opportunity to avoid price increases on popular items like Office 365 E3, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, and others, for 12 months if they transition to a new annual plan by March 14th.

What does this mean for you and your business?

If you still have not made the transition to the New Commerce Experience, or if you are struggling to keep up with these changes, our team at machineLOGIC can assist. We're happy to host a brief Teams meeting to answer your questions, and we have a number of NCE-related resources available on our blog and social media channels where you can learn more.

Don't hesitate to reach out for more information as you make this important transition to Microsoft's New Commerce Experience.

Andrew Steinkoenig

Written by Andrew Steinkoenig

Marketing Specialist