Premium Level Service Gives An MSP Unlimited Scalability

machineLOGIC’s growth over the past 15 years serves as a model that any MSP would want to follow to improve its market position. Within the past year alone, the company doubled its staff from 10 to 20 employees, and it was recently named one of the 501 most progressive MSPs in the world by MSPmentor. The company provides managed IT services, cloud solutions, and strategic IT consulting to clients ranging in size from 30 employees to more than 600 employees.

Offering live helpdesk support is just one of machineLOGIC’s distinct differentiators, says Peter Hoang, the company’s Director of Business Development. Another core pillar of machineLOGIC’s business is its commitment to choosing the best solutions for its customers — regardless of which vendor offers the most enticing rebate or monetary benefits. “We always do our due diligence before selecting a new product or solution,” says Hoang. “Sometimes this process can take up to 12 months, as it involves a significant amount of effort to ensure that we are offering absolutely the best products on the market to our customers, not just what’s trendy or the flavor of the day.”

New Management Plan Simplifies Backup Maintenance

Seven years ago, around the time Chris Kasten joined machineLOGIC (today he is the Director of Technical Services), the MSP became an Intronis partner. “We evaluated at least a half dozen backup and disaster recovery [BDR] vendors, and a few factors gave Intronis the edge,” he says. “First, their product has multi-tenant capabilities, which allows us to see the status of all backups at once. Plus, they allow us to white label their product by adding our logo and branding, and their solution provides more granular backups than other products we evaluated.”





Written by mladmin