Denver, Colorado-­‐based Managed IT Services Provider machineLOGIC celebrates their 15th year in business by announcing expansion plans and launching a new feature-­‐packed website.


DENVER, CO – May 1, 2015 – machineLOGIC announced expansion plans and launched a new version of
their website to celebrate their 15th year in business.

“We’re proud to celebrate 15 years in business, and we thank all of our clients, staff members, and
vendors for their contributions to our success,” said Daniel Johnson, President and Owner of

Starting the firm in 2001, Daniel Johnson has steadily grown the business from a basic tech support firm
to a full-­‐service managed IT service provider offering cloud solutions to businesses in the US, Canada,
and Europe.

“Our team continues to grow, and I’m pleased to announced that we’ll be moving into a new office in
May of 2015. As part of our expansion plans for 2015, we’re opening up a new division offering IT-­‐
focused recruiting services to compliment our managed services and cloud solutions.”

“We’re also excited to launch the latest version of our website and branding. Our team has been
working for months on this new release and we think it will make a big impact to both prospective and
existing clients, providing resources and education on how our services and solutions can help improve
their businesses.”

Peter Hoang, Director of Business Development for machineLOGIC, highlighted two key features of the
new website, a pricing calculator that guides prospective clients through a basic managed services
estimate, and an online appointment system allowing clients to book a consulting appointment with just
a few clicks.

“We recognize that many companies are trying to quickly understand the pricing and options available
to them so they can make an initial decision. Our new pricing calculator allows clients to run different
scenarios to get the right blend of services that meets their needs and budget,” stated Peter Hoang,
Director of Business Development.

He added, “So much time can be lost just trying to connect with prospective clients. Too often,
opportunities are lost in a sea of phone calls, voice messages, and e-­‐mails. With our new system, clients
can pick a day and time that is convenient for them and automatically receive a meeting confirmation
from our team.”

“Providing clients with an easy-­‐to-­‐understand yet powerful engagement has been a key goal of our
business model from the beginning. We’re confident that our new website and plans for 2015 will
reinforce these goals,” concluded Peter Hoang.


About machineLOGIC
Founded in 2001, machineLOGIC is a Colorado-­‐based Managed IT Service Provider, delivering outsourced IT services, cloud solutions, and talent acquisition services to small and mid-­‐sized businesses throughout the US, Canada, and Europe.

Leveraging their achievements of becoming an HP Gold-­‐Level Partner, Amazon Certified Consulting
Partner, and a Microsoft Silver-­‐Level Cloud Solution and Office 365 Specialist, machineLOGIC’s mPOWER Business Program™ provides clients with proactive IT services, strategic IT consulting, and cloud-­‐enabled IT solutions delivered by a team of experienced, certified professionals.

machineLOGIC’s Talent Services division provides businesses of all sizes in the US and Canada with
access to qualified, experienced IT professionals in a wide variety of disciplines, including software
development, UI/UX, project management, data architecture, cloud solutions, system/network
administration, and executive leadership.

Learn more at

Daniel Johnson, President
machineLOGIC, LLC
303.217.7001 x101
Peter Hoang, Director of Business Development
machineLOGIC, LLC
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